Sunday, December 05, 2010


Ever realize that you have changed a routine or habit weeks after it actually happened? I had that moment last night as I was buying beer en route to a friend's house. I purchased a 30 pack of Rolling Rock instead of a case of Miller Lite.

Some might think that isn't that strange. Others- especially the friend to whose house I was heading to- might say that it was in fact, strange.

I think it is strange from a different point of view. I realized at that moment that my beer drinking habits had really changed over the past couple of months. Not just changed but drastically changed. For the better.

For the most part, my beer of choice was Miller Lite. A hometown brew. Something I had been drinking for years. Sure I was also drinking a lot of craft beers but if I was heading out to the bar, I was pretty much going to drink Lite all night.

The first change occurred in the bar. Or the choice of bars. I stopped going to the regular hangout. I ended up staying at the bar that wasn't as busy but had much better beer. I realize now how it happened. I used to go to the "good beer" bar before handing out with friends at the dive bar. But everyone slowly stopped going to the dive bar. It was getting rather ghetto so we stopped going there. Plus our lives have been damn busy as well. In this process, I chose to spend a bit more and drink some good brews. Quality over quantity.

It was last night when I realized that I hadn't had a Lite in a couple of weeks. I couldn't recall when I had drank Lite even before that. I haven't really drank Lite since the end of camping and even then I was switching my beers up.

Funny how things can evolve. I'll be heading to Vegas later this week and I am sure I'll drink more Lite this weekend than I have in the past couple of months. Or I may find another place with some good craft beers that I can enjoy. Either which way I win! I get beer!


AletaR said...

If it wasn't for Pete closing his bar-it would have never become a dive bar. We need to find a new place. Perhaps one that will off the best of both worlds.

Hey Jo said...

I like to think that maybe we are maturing in our beer choices. Like you said, quality over quantity.

Try the Burger Bar in Vegas. Good beer selection.