Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another night at the store

Last night was food shopping night. A trip to that place that is a freak show with lots of food.
But last night was different. It wasn’t the usual sight I would see. Things seemed pretty much normal. Just people going about, picking their groceries off the shelf and placing them in their carts.
Seems like that old gamblers saying: “If you cannot spot the sucker in the room, you are the sucker.” After a bit of thinking it dawned on me. I was the sucker.
See, I was walking around with a small list of stuff I needed. Frank’s Red Hot and ground pepper topped the list. Beyond that I had some coupons for the specials they had. Otherwise I was on my own.
Soon I was pretty much done shopping but I wanted to get a snack. I little something to make up for the very small dinner I had. I usually don’t buy snacks. It is rare you ever see any chips, candy, cookies, or the like in my house. Same with soda. I only buy these items if people are coming over.
But I had a hankering for something crunchy last night and I spent some time in the snack aisle trying to make a decision. This store does not sell Combos at all though I check to see if they stock them every once in a while. Ok, every time but I go to the store every once in a while so it is a true statement.
As I walked up and down the aisle, I noticed something peculiar. Any chip/pretzel/peanut thing of interest was either ‘two for ‘ or ‘three for” some special price. I wasn’t looking to stock up on anything. I wanted a bag of chips, not two of them. After some time this began to piss me off. Why can’t they just offer a straight deal on some chips? Yeah, I know they want me to buy more but I was barely going to buy one to begin with. Now I was definitely not going to buy two.
I left the store with a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies instead. Right size and I was willing to pay full price. Heck with you Frito Lay. I would have taken a bag of Scoop Fritos if you didn’t force me to buy 3 bags.
All was not lost on my trip to the store yesterday. I parked by the liquor store entry. On my way into the store I notice a new rack of bottles through the window. This rack was different from the booze bottles that normal are on that wall. I instantly saw they were beer bottles. Not six packs from the bombers. Once I was done with the food I immediately went to the liquor store and was greeted with new beer choices. Being a fan of Rogue, I immediately grabbed a Chocolate Stout. I looked at the Hennepin and Goose Island. I was tempted to grab the Three Philosophers from Ommegang but the price at $10 had me hesitate. I then went to see if they had more beer selections in the usual spot. More Wisconsin beers but that was about it. I grabbed a sixer of Cabin Fever, a nice honey bock from New Glaurus and went up to pay. That is when I noticed the spring sampler pack from Magic Hat. They make some good beers out there and I had heard about the record themed sampler. Thinking I may not have this opportunity again, I grabbed one to enjoy this weekend. The price seemed pretty good too.
Maybe I’ll grab the Three Philosophers on my next trip. Until then, I am hoping this shelf becomes a permanent fixture. May it be fruitful and multiply.

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