Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pathetic priorities

I was pretty drained yesterday. After a day of football and drinking, followed by too many phone calls and texts, and the traditional not sleeping too well on a Sunday night thing, I was glad to get out of work. I wanted to get home and crash but I knew I had to clean off the sidewalks first. Unlike some people I know, people in Milwaukee shovel the sidewalks when it snows.

There is one thing still bouncing around my head from Sunday. It is a comment made by one of my friends. She had decided to drive up to Milwaukee from Illinois to watch the game because she "felt it wasn't right to watch a Packer game down there".

After the game was over, she started blabbing on about what to do for the Super Bowl. She was suppose to go to California to be with her boyfriend/sugar daddy/lay/whatever he is to her. But now she wanted to come back to this bar and watch the game there or anywhere but Illinois and now apparently California.

But what took me back was the line she used. It was one that would typically be said by a guy. Yet, it does fit with her character. When asked why she now wasn't going to California she replied, "Screw him. The team is forever. Guys come and go."

Not the typical comment I would have expected to hear from a chick. Hell, I love my Dallas Cowboys but I don't think I would put them ahead of anyone I supposedly care about. At least not in the cold manner she did. Now she may play it down and say she was drunk but I wouldn't buy it. She was texting me the next day about going out for the game. I scoffed because I am not trading in a good party with friends. She would be insufferable if the Packers win. I can do without that.

I do feel sorry for a buddy of mine though. She may have talked him into showing up at the bar to watch the game. He may have accepted because he'll be on his own with no one to watch the game with. Sure he could join the party I am going to but he doesn't like going to people's houses. I'll just have to check in with him to make sure his plans are not based on her. She would toss him aside faster than she is the Cali sugar daddy.

A thought that also has me chuckling. I know this girl through another friend. We had gone out for a period of time twice many years ago. This other friend made the comment that she always expected me and this girl to get back together and get married. I don't think I could ever settle for someone who would put a sports team ahead of me.

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