Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beer and football go together like bacon and eggs

I spent the weekend partying it up with some good people in Chicago. It took me a good day to recover. Not from any kind of booze infused incident. More like lack of sleep. I crashed on my couch at about 8:30 on Sunday.

I blame it on being sober. Because I had to make the drive home on Sunday night, I limited my intake of beer during the football games. I wanted to watch them but found it harder to do without its natural partner, beer. Not drinking made me kind of moody. I felt detached as I sat in a bar with a bunch of good people who were whooping it up. I sat aside and drank my water. It led to me wanting to take off at halftime of the Eagles/Packers game.

I'll chalk that up to bad planning on my part. An error I won't make again.

Now I need to figure out what to do for the game this weekend. I received a text from a friend yesterday asking what was going on. I guess he didn't like my response as he did not provide a reply. Sorry dude but I am not your baby sitter. It may get more interesting if an old friend comes to town. She didn't show up for the Rose Bowl game but will probably expect me to drop everything to go out somewhere for the game. That ain't gonna happen. At the best I may split some time but I find that to be doubtful as well.

At least the game is on Saturday giving everyone a day to recover before going back to work. Please take this advice. Heed my words above and ask your boss off for the day after the Super Bowl. I book this one every year and am quite happy for it. You can thank me later.

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AletaR said...

The day after Superbowl is a given day off in my book.