Monday, January 31, 2011


A co-worker asked me if they changed how much snow we are suppose to get in the next couple of days. I told him yes. He asked me how much now. I responded "A buttload".

Now, a buttload can be a different amount to people. I guess it all depends on the butt. In this case, Mother Nature has one big fat ass and she has been eating Mexican food all weekend!

I can't believe I just typed about buttloads.

So a bunch of snow is on its way. Maybe 7-8 inches tonight, another 15-18 tomorrow night. Cold, extremely windy conditions on Wednesday. Blizzard conditions. The "don't-go-anywhere-unless-you-absolutely-have-to" kind of weather. The funny part is that those who tell you not to go anywhere are the news reporters who have ventured off to some truck stop, driving through a foot of snow just to get a shot of trucks parked so they can tell YOU not to go anywhere.

I am ready for the storm. I have plenty of beer in the house. Food? Who needs food? I bet I can get Jimmy Johns to deliver. And if those bastards are there in a reasonable time I sue them for not be freaky fast! Show them to make those annoying commercials!

My big concern about the storm is not the snow. It is my missing snow hoodie. I receive this fleece hood a couple years back. It is very warm and perfect for shoveling snow. I can't find it this year. It isn't where the snow shoveling stuff was kept. Now I need to find something to keep my head warm when I am out there battling the elements over the next couple of days. Hopefully I won't drive myself crazy tearing apart my house, looking in one last vain attempt to find it. Beside this morning that is.


AletaR said...

Hopefully you didn't leave it in your truck when you traded it in. That would suck.

StB said...

Nope. I picked that sucker apart pretty damn good!

Heather said...

is a buttload metric or imperial units? :)