Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ruining the neighbor's day

I don't think the snow was that bad last night. About 4 or 5 inches fell but it was blown about making for uneven surfaces. The sidewalk was blown up into 18 inch drifts leaving some of it bare. I was tempted to shovel the whole thing but decided the snowblower was the better choice. Especially with the wind blowing. At times I looked like a snowman as I was covered from the wind blowing that white stuff right back at me. My corner property does little for me to avoid the wind.

After I was done clearing snow and making some coffee to warm up, I settled down to get some work done. As it got lighter outside, I began noticing the kids walking down the street to the school. The little ones were accompanied by a parent. I couldn't help but think I do not feel sorry for any of them. As a kid, I always had to walk to school on days like this. And I never had a parent escorting me. I trudged along in the snow, face down from the wind, just hoping to get there.

As the morning went on, I soon heard a snowblower in the alley. I looked out the window to see my neighbor looking for some snow to clear. When I cleared the snow a couple hours ago I did a quick buzz in front of his house. Many a time he has cleared my sidewalk just to get to his so I owe him more than a couple passbys. I watched him for a bit thinking he looked disappointed. Someone had plowed the alley, the sidewalk was done, and the only snow he had to clear was the walk to his house. Did I ruin his day by clearing the snow?

Maybe tomorrow I be extra lazy so he can take care of the sidewalks. Though he is a much older gentleman, I think it might make his day. Especially if we get over a foot of snow. His machine would do a much better job than mine.

Just saw the plow go by. After I finish cursing I may have to go do some shoveling.

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