Friday, January 14, 2011


I was sitting in another doctor's waiting room filling out the forms. My dentist has been recommending I get my wisdom teeth pulled for the last couple of years. I didn't pay too much attention until the last cleaning.

I like the hygienist who has been cleaning my teeth for the last couple of years. I trust her. She does a good job. Like when she barely poked one of those teeth and noticed how I winced. She explained the cavity and why they had left it be for the last couple of years. She said it was best to take care of it.

So I listened. I took the card of the oral surgeon they referred me to and intended to call them. I took the card to work and kept it in a place to remind me to make an appointment.

That card got moved around an awful lot by the cleaning crew. It took me two months to finally make an appointment for a consultation. Today was the day.

Damn the hygenist at this place was hot!!!! Blonde Swedish looking babe. Very polite. She led me into the xray room for one of those panoramic shots. It seemed very sci fi to me. Except for the Glad sandwich baggie. She took out a sandwich baggie to place over this piece of plastic that I had to bite down on. My head went into this machine and rested on a chin pad. Soon the machine was moving around my melon taking an xray of my teeth and jaw.

Once that was done and I had the lead vest off, I was led into another room. There the hot hygienist uploaded the xray onto a monitor in front of me. I then waited for the surgeon to show up. I sat there waiting and waiting, staring at my teeth. I then decided I need a picture of this xray so I got up and took one. Cool to me at least. At one point the hot chick came back in, knocking on the door and announcing who she was before entering. That seemed quite weird to me. Did she think I was in there naked? Like I suddenly decided to take off my clothes and wait in the nude?

Soon the surgeon came in. He reminded me of the older brother from the Wonder Years. Kinda flakey but seemed to like his job. I felt somewhat uneasy that he talked to me like I was a 5 year old but he seemed sincere.

So I will be going under in February. Well after the Super Bowl. Figure if I have them yanked on a Thursday I'll be fine by Monday the following week. Now I just need to decide whether to go with a local and nitrous or to be put totally under.

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