Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boo nature!

I have often talked about shoveling snow before going to work in the morning. How the neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful. How the fresh blanket of snow looks beautiful even with the crisp, cold air.

Clearing the snow is a necessary evil. It is part of the responsibility of owning a home. Clear it up so everyone can get buy without getting snow all over themselves. Of course it is also much easier to shovel snow that doesn't look like a herd of cattle ran roughshod over the sidewalk.

I was out there early today. I admired the snow for about 45 seconds. That is when I got to the end of the driveway and stared at the mound of snow that was dumped by the city plow. It was only about 3 by 3. Feet that is. And about 12 feet long. Shit.

I took a deep breath and began to hack away. Technically I only need to clear just over half of the area to get my car out of the garage but you should clear as much as you can just in case you need to get the other vehicle out. Plus it would look like some freak lived there.

I hacked away until I broke on through to the other side know as the street. From there it wasn't too bad. The snow as somewhat wet making it heavy. I kept pushing forward until I was satisfied with the job. I then moved onto the sidewalk.

Because I had run the snowblower yesterday, I only had about 2 inches to clear today. The snow wasn't as wet on the sidewalk so it was much easier to remove. I pushed down to the corner quite happy that I would soon be inside taking a shower and getting ready for work.

Until I hit the corner. There I started to cuss a bit. The corner looked just like my driveway. Filled with snow. I was not in the mood to clear this out. I made do with clearing enough for people to walk through. I'll let the city come by with their little plows to clean off the rest of the corner.

Soon I was down the front walk and clearing the front steps. There I pushed the snow to the left and cleared a little path for the postal lady to walk through from the neighbor. I noticed she took this route each day so clearing it for her is my little gesture of gratitude for her good work.

A couple minutes later I was done and heading back inside. It wasn't one of those days to admire nature but one to get the work done and get back to work. Hopefully I won't be doing this again any time soon.

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