Saturday, February 05, 2011

Body slamming boulders

This past week really had me out of sorts. The blizzard and resulting cleanup left my body aching and my mind a wreck. It put me into a bit of a funk.

I can handle snow. But I wasn't prepared to handle that much snow. I don't recall having to deal with three and a half foot snow stretching over a 15-20 yard stretch. When the snow is too high for a snowblower there is nothing you can do but shovel. And that is a lot of shoveling.

But once the initial cleanup is finished, it isn't really finished. This is where I found myself in a funk. I found myself worrying about having to clean up more snow. I was worried about waking up and having to go dig out out a wall of frozen snow in the morning. I was worried about coming home from work and finding a pile of snow in my driveway, blocking my car from my garage.

All this worrying knocked me out of my usual routine. I usually come home and work out. I feel sluggish if I don't get that exercise in. This week, I was not only sluggish but feeling really lazy. I was more interested in getting out of work and having a beer. I knew I could set aside 30 minutes but I didn't care. I just wanted to polish off the New Glarus that was in the refrigerator.

Thankfully the weekend saved me. It gave me time to plan and get control of what is around me. I needed to widen the driveway and clear out the corner. The plows have pushed a lot of snow around and I was still responsible for making sure people could pass through the corner and onto the sidewalk. I also needed to get some room on the driveway. I had enough until some asshole smashed into the mountain of snow that separates my drive from the alley. The really narrowed my drive when I came home and had to dig out, freezing my ass along the way.

Before getting outside I got on my bike and rode for a good 35 minutes. Once that was done, I felt invigorated and ready to get the driveway back to the width I set it at after the blizzard. I got outside and began body slamming boulders that I carved out of the mountain of snow. With each chunk that split off, I had to carry it about 8 feet down the road and toss it to the side. When the boulders were big enough, I picked them up with my hands and slammed them to the ground, as if I were in a wrestling match. Hey, I am allowed to let the little kid in me out every once in a while.

Because the city came around earlier with their snow thrower, my corner was opened up with no effort by me. I just needed to clean up some of the mess that was left. I tossed some salt down on the sidewalk and called it a day.

Now I might go get some wings and drink some more beer. This time though it is because I feel great.

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You work out?