Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Not gonna get hosed again

Either he didn't listen or he didn't think I was serious. I told my tenants back in July I wasn't going to buy another shower hose for the one they keep breaking. I think they are like $15 a piece and there was no way I was going to take my time and money and buy the fourth one in a year.

It is silly.

It is sillier when they insist they haven't done anything wrong. These things just don't break by themselves. Especially when this had never been an issue before.

My tenant says that the water pressure is too high for the hose. I don't buy it. Maybe if they didn't open the water faucets all the way they wouldn't have the problem. I'm pretty sure the hose can take quite a bit more pressure than what is going through it now.

I think the real issue is that they keep futzing with it. It is an external unit with a handle attached to the shower head. One can take it off the wall to make sure they get their under carriage clean. I think they are twisting it each time they take it off the peg it rests on. Even though I told them to leave be and not pick it up, they probably have and thus, we have hoses breaking every couple of months.

When I spoke with him I told him to go buy the hose himself and save the receipt. He can keep returning it and replacing it every time they break the damn thing.

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