Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Please use some common sense

Dealing with a ton of snow is aways a bitch. We can complain about that until the cows come home.

Dealing with the cold is always a bitch. When it gets below zero and you are crunching along on the snow covered sidewalk, you want to be anywhere but Wisconsin. Cows, complaining, you read it before.

My biggest bitch right now is the morons that live in my neighborhood. Specifically, the morons who park on the street. It is these lazy mofos that make life miserable for people like me after a ton of snow and the temps get below zero.

See, when we get a shit ton of snow, the plows are only able to push so much snow. They do not get close to the curb. The end result is losing about 4 feet on both sides of the street. With cars parked, it effectively makes side streets a one way street. If a car is coming down one side of the block, you may have to wait for that care to come all the way down before you can enter your side of the block. Otherwise someone will be popping their vehicle into reverse and backing up.

But to make matter worse, there are some parkers feel the need to not only park on the opposite side of the street to clog up that street, but they park directly across from a car on the opposite side of the street, making passing a challenge. You must crawl through to make sure you don't lose a mirror when clipping another.

I have seen and heard many a side mirror crunch is way off when one car tried to navigate the road. I don't feel sorry for those people any more. If you would use some common sense and park on just one side of the street, other cars could get through easily and you wouldn't get sideswiped by another vehicle.

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AletaR said...

Amen to that.