Thursday, March 31, 2011


I woke up a bit angry this morning. I had a shitty dream. But the worse part was, I didn't get the end. I was right there. I was in the batter's box with a big meatball pitch coming right at me. I was swinging the bat, about to make contact and enjoy the glory of victory when the alarm went off. DAMNIT ALL TO HELL!!!! It was like I suffered through this dream too. The dream was filled with all kinds of things that just aren't me. The place, the people, the conversation. It all seemed phony. Maybe I should have been happy the alarm went off. I was in some fancy cafe with a group of people I didn't know. The girl to my right was my date for the night. The rest of the people at the table were her friends. They were all drinking wine while I had Makers. At least I drank well in my dream. The conversation was about kids and things these people did in college. Anytime I spoke to add something they looked at me in a weird way and just kept talking. There was one really loud woman at the table too. She was a bit of a slut. She kept flirting with me, saying how she needed to get laid. She wasn't married, just some kind of hussy. At the end of the dream, she was commanding the attention of the table, telling this story. She kept getting louder and demonstrative as she went on. I thought she was talking about some sex act and was about to spead her legs and prop her heels on the table when she suddenly brought out a picture of something. She passed the picture to the person to her right. That girl took a look at the pic and began congratulating her. She passed the pic to the guy on her right who had the same reaction. The picture made the rounds until it got to me. They passed the pic right over me to my date. She was very happy and congratulated her friend as well. I was reaching for the pic when... ...the alarm went off.. I have no idea what in the picture. This girl didn't appear to be married or pregnant. What could this picture have been of? Thus my anger. Having gone through a shitty dream and left dangling at the end. Man, I hope that is the worst part of my day.

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