Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ghosts and burning planes

I woke up around 3:45 this morning. The cat was as his usual spot on the bed, the top left corner which is closest to the door. I inadvertently nudged him, waking him up in the process. That is usually a bad thing because he interprets that as time to get up and be petted. I usually feel bad for waking him up and will make reparations. As I laid there trying to pet the cat and get back to sleep, I began to hear some rumbling. As in stomach rumbling. At first I thought it was my stomach. But it wasn't. It was the cat's. I was pretty damn sure he had food when I went to bed. He has been extra finicky lately so there is a chance he simply hadn't eaten anything. I got out of bed to make sure he was taken care off, topping off his bowl. He came running out and chowed down. I went back to bed hoping he hadn't eaten too fast and I would soon be woken up by the "cat puking alarm clock". I then became happy because I recalled the dream I had. It was about ghosts. I am not sure where I was but apparently I had caught a ghost in a picture. It wasn't no mist, no flare, no crease in the curtains kind of ghost. It was a real ghost. I was pretty excited about this and went to talk to the family in whose house I had captured it. As I showed them the picture, they brought out a ton of photos showing the various ghost pictures of the family from years past. The had pictures of kids and old people all over their house. They even had one of a ghost doll. They said it was no big deal to them as they interact with these ghosts all the time. I then snootily said then they should have one of those ghosts bring me a beer. They didn't like that and kicked me out of the house. But that wasn't the only dream I had. The second involved a burning plane. I was walking along the bike path that hugs Lake Michigan in my neighborhood. I had reached the end of a path and turned around to walk back home. It was then that I noticed something strange in the sky. My first thought was that it was a witch with a long line of black smoke coming off the back of the broom. But as I watched it get closer, I realized it was a plane, a plane with its tail on fire. I watched the plane drop in the sky and began to wonder if it would make the airport. Though I live north of the airport, I was suddenly on the south end of it. I began to run up a hill to see if the plane was going to be able to fly to the runway. The plane had dropped from the sky now and I could see inside the back of the plane. There were no people in the seats. It was now apparent the plane was going to have to land soon. The only place for it to land happened to be on a set of railroad tracks that ran parallel to a freeway. The plane did manage to get down inside this groove and put the belly on the tracks. But it wasn't out of the woods yet. A freight train was heading north at the back of the plane. You could hear the screeching brakes of the train as it tried in vain to stop. I stood there watching in amazement as the train was about to hit the plane. I waited for the inevitable explosion. But it didn't come. Apparently the train was able to stop so I walked away. I crossed the street and explained what just happened to some people exiting a bus on the corner. They didn't care. So I did what anyone else would do and ran home to get on Twitter. That is when I woke up to my radio alarm.

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