Friday, March 04, 2011

I just want a beer

I checked my mind out of work at about 10:37 this morning. I was done with work. I had finished some requested reports and was willing to slide through the afternoon grabbing the low hanging fruit.

But of course the boss saw things differently. Very differently. He wanted the reports done in a different manner. His manner.

Feeling feisty- ok, more like confused- I fought back. The confusion turned out be good. I was studying what he wanted and came to the conclusion it wasn't possible. His version was based on something new. Mine was based on something that was being amended. Basically, I couldn't make his version work.

He realized this but did I get any credit? Nope. He changed to a third different format.

Now I am being given a task to herd some cats by Monday. Ignore the fact that these cats may not even be in the building as one of them is usually on the road.

I want this day to be over. I just want a beer.

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