Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Watch who is sneezing

I watched a commercial that other day that was found rather disturbing. Interesting part, it is a public service announcement about ways to prevent spreading the flu. Sad part is how unrealistic it is.

Unfortunately I cannot find the video on YouTube. Not that I am sure what keywords would work but I tried. So instead you get a description of what I saw.
A lady is seen in a store buying something. To me, it looked like a liquor store or at the least, a convenience store with a good liquor supply behind the counter. As she is about to pay, she sneezes all over the cash, a folded fiver, and hands it to the cashier who must have been oblivious to the sneeze because he happily take the money.
Just as the transaction finishes, a black guy walks in. The cashier shakes his hand and goes through some gang like activity of mushing his sneezed on hand all over the black guy's hand. Black guy leaves and pulls the door open. As he steps outside, he sees a lady with a little kid. The lady has dropped her phone. Black guy reaches down and picks it up and hands it to the lady. Lady walks with the little girl a couple steps to the corner where the school bus is waiting. She first presses the phone against the girl's head before giving her a loving caress and pushing the kid onto the bus.
Every time someone touched someone else or a handle, the screen would slow down to emphasize the spread of germs. Those evil germs moving around ready to infect someone else! When the commercial is over, it says something like cover your mouth, wash your hands, don't spread the flu.

I was baffled when I saw this commercial. First, I give credit to the lady in the store. Buying her booze so early in the morning is some good planning. Don't want to accidentally spend that money on lunch or some crap in a vending machine.

But how oblivious is the store clerk. Who the hell willing takes cash that was just sneezed on? Really! I don't know anyone who wouldn't have made a fuss and drowned themselves with hand sanitizer at the very least. Most would have asked for a different bill.

So that is what our tax dollars are spent on? Ridiculous commercials that exaggerate the point.

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SirFWALGMan said...

man up and have a fricken immune system retards.. oh I forgot all those antibiotics and "medicines" you take when you are sick have made you weak sauce.