Friday, April 08, 2011

Our messed up Wisconsin elections

I bet those few people that still read this have been wondering why I have been so quiet about the recent hullabaloo in Madison and the election this past week. I guess after yesterday's "bombshell" I couldn't not blabber on about what is going on. People can guess which side of this I am on. I believe most unions are putting themselves out of business and dragging corporations down with them. Public sector unions are even worse as they expect taxes to be raised to pay for their ever increasing benefits. They work to get their people elected so they can rubber stamp the demands attained through collective bargaining. The union is not about the members, it is all about the leadership, but that is a different rant. The discovery of these votes that weren't tallied is a strange twist to the outcome of this election. I personally don't like the discovery of any votes after the election. Granted it appears it was an honest error. There were no shenanigans. Even local Dems say so. But it will always seem hinky no matter what. At least they were discovered as part of the final vote count and not during a recount. The deranged side of the Left will not accept the result and ignore the fact that disallowing these votes is disenfranchising the people of Brookfield who cast them. God I hate that word. Disenfranchising. Sounds like someone lost their McDonalds. The worst part is that this will be dragged on for a couple weeks with demands of recounts and stories coming out about how someone wasn't allowed to vote. Maybe a box of votes will be found in a closet or behind a locker. Weird things happen when people get desperate. Lawyers will come out of the woodwork trying to earn a buck out of this. It will get nastier by the day. Bottom line is it doesn't help the people of Wisconsin. We don't need to hear the vitriol coming from either side. What happened to voting, hearing the results, and learning to live with them in the best manner? I didn't vote for Obama (I know, big shock there!) but I don't go out protesting him every time he comes to Wisconsin. I accepted the fact he is our president. I don't have to agree with his policies or ideas. I can only do my part to see we get a real leader next year. Next up in Wisconsin are these stupid recall elections. I am against these as well. People crying that they don't agree with how someone voted. You elected them. Live with it. Don't go around grabbing signatures of the minority of voters and act like they represent everyone. Hell, look at the results of Tuesday. You are really fighting an uphill battle in those districts. Basically you are going to fill the airwaves with bullshit accusations and fling more mud for a couple of months. What used to be something we had to deal with every couple of years is becoming a process we get annoyed with every couple of months. And for that I hate you.

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