Sunday, April 10, 2011

Please, take the damn TV!

Yesterday I reclaimed the spare bedroom. I got some friends to come in and help me clear out the crap I had been storing in there. I really needed someone to tell me to get rid of stuff. I am of the mindset that I just might need something later on and I should keep things for when I do. That when never comes and I end up collecting crap. Not on the level of Hoarders but I end up with stuff I am not using and won't be using.

I have some boxes of clothes that will be given to charity. I had some stuff- actually Christmas presents that I never used- that went to a rummage to raise money for charity, and crap that was being offered to the junk man.

Ah, the junk man. I assume that this is a phenomena that happens in all cities. You put something out by the alley or the curb and soon someone drives by and takes the stuff away for you. On one trip you are putting stuff out by the alley and ten minutes later, you make another trip and find the other stuff gone already.

I only had a couple of items that were worth taking. An 32" TV that does work but has picture issues, an archaic piece of exercise equipment, an ugly lamp, a popcorn tin, and a broken metal coat rack. The exercise equipment and lamp were taken right away, within 15 minutes of being out there. The TV, popcorn tin, and coat rack took longer. By the end of the day only the TV was left.

That TV is the problem. Laws now force you to recycle these electronics. The garbage men aren't going to take it away. I'll need to pay someone at least $20 if I haul it in to a recycling center. See, the TV is the one items I really wanted someone to take and now it is the last thing left. Hell, I even covered it last night with an old shower curtain in case it rained.

This morning, the shower curtain was gone, yet the TV remained. Really?

Friends assured me that someone would take the TV. I did win $5 on a bet that the TV would still be around today. I have some others bets out that could cover my cost. But I would still need to haul the bulky thing in somewhere. Still hoping someone grabs the damn thing so I don't have to deal with that hassle.

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SirFWALGMan said...

You sound like a horder. The guy on tonights show was like "I might need that in 6 years" LOL. Watch yourself!