Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beer Slinger

There are some jobs that seems like they would be a lot of fun but turns out they are not. Then there are some jobs that are a of fun when it isn't your regular job.

I think tending bar is one of those jobs for me. I enjoy serving drinks when I don't have to rely on doing so for income. The best money is made at night on the weekend, prime time when I want to be on the other side of a bar. But when the call is made, you just step up and help someone out.

I served beer last night at a local festival. It was easy. There were no cups or pitchers to fill. Just pulling plastic bottles out of the ice, collecting money, and keeping things clean. I did that for 4 1/2 hours yesterday. I had a good time but was happy to sit down when it was all over. Of course drinking for free all night was nice.

The band was ok. They played more rock music than country. What didn't make sense was all the dance music being played between sets. The people that were there to see the band would leave the tent and the kids would come in. When the band started up again, the kids left as the adults came back in. It was silly.

I glad to help a friend out. This may become an annual gig. I sure wouldn't mind helping out again.

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