Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life goes on

Everything went well yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by who showed up. Friends, friend's parents, co-workers, relatives, relatives of relatives. It was nice to see some of these people again.

About the only thing that was bad yesterday was the food at the luncheon. Having watched enough episodes of Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef, I can tell you this stuff sucked. I think one of the dishes was beef stroganoff. It looked like shit in a buffet bucket. The meat was fatty, breaded, and had no flavor whatsoever. The rice dish was the same. Did the restaurant have a salt shaker in the kitchen?

After everything was done I headed out to get drunk. I ended up at the Milwaukee Ale House and sampled their beers. The Blockhead Brown ale was good. The dopplebock was ok. I didn't care for the Devil's Advocate, a Belgian dubbel ale. Too much orange peel made it taste like cough medicine.

Soon we were back in my neighborhood drinking at a bar that specializes in Wisconsin craft beers. I reunited myself with Capital Brewing's Blonde Doppelbock. Good stuff. After a couple more beers- and a spirited debate with the guy next to me regarding the teacher's union- we left to go back to my friend's house.

I woke up a bit groggy and thinking it was Thursday. Throughout the day I kept thinking it was Thursday. Each time I dropped an f-bomb and moved on.

I am not sure what I'll do the rest of this week. I have taken the suggestion of my boss and co-workers to take leave from work. I'll need to remember not to set my alarm on Sunday. I don't want to be the only one going to work on a holiday.

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AletaR said...

Take this time for yourself-however if you get bored and find yourself in my neighborhood I have some chores you could do.