Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nature's rock opera

A wicked storm made its way through Milwaukee today. It was just before 3:3o when I look out the window at work. A whole lot of ugliness was about to hit.

At first it was just windy. I noticed a rather large tree was getting bent pretty good. The wind had it looking like half a tree.

Soon the sky got really dark. I looked towards the east and could see the storm front moving through. The light clouds led the way as they headed towards the lake.

Then the rain started. It came down hard with a vengeance. Soon it was raining so hard you couldn't see 20 yards outside. Water was pouring down the roofs, making the downspouts bubble up as it tried in vain to handle the gallons of water rushing its way.

Lightening and thunder provided sound and visual effects to the storm. Big booming thunder followed the flashes of light. All I needed guitars and it could have been a rock opera.

After about 10 minutes, the rain began to let up. Soon normal visibility was back outside. To the west, the blue sky was returning. But not before many trees had been knocked down and streets flooded.

The storm made its way to the northeast meaning my home in the southwest didn't take the brunt of the storm. It rained but apparently wasn't too windy. I had expected to see branches down and leaves in the street. Instead things were clean.

Another wave is heading this way. I hope it isn't much worse than the afternoon storm.

Maybe I'll grab a beer and head out on the porch to watch nature's fireworks.

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