Friday, June 24, 2011

Karate Kid thoughts

Yesterday was training day. As a general rule of thumb, I hate training days. They are usually a waste of time. They go over concepts that are discarded within months. It is rare anything sticks in the long term.

I guess that is why I have a cynical attitude when it comes to trainings. I want to get something meaningful out of it. Yesterday I did leave with a great takeaway:

I can kick my boss in the face if he tries to meddle with certain projects of mine.

I may be the only one who walked away with that nugget of knowledge and I hope to use it in the future. You know, just to show them my time was wasted.

I guess some background should be provided. The training was about leadership. It focused on recognizing what stage workers are at and what stage you should be at to help lead them. It focused on 4 levels:

  1. Beginner- The eager beaver who knows nothing but wants to learn.

  2. Mid-level- They know something. They think they know more than they go and thus get frustrated at times.

  3. Veteran- They know what they are doing, but aren't in a position to make the final decision.

  4. Go to guy- The subject matter expert. People come to you when they need the answer.

Along with these levels, they suggested how you should manager these kinds of people. Simply put:

  1. Give the beginner direction.

  2. Coach the mid-level through the tough times.

  3. Support the veteran

  4. Leave the go to guy alone. Delegate his duty to him and get out of the way.

So what the hell does that have to do with the Karate Kid? Good question. They used clips from the movie to show the different stages Daniel-san went through with Mr. Myagi as he learned.

When Daniel-san knew nothing, Myagi made him wash and wax the cars, sand the floors, and paint his yard. That dumbass Daniel-san didn't even realize he was being taught something.

Myagi coached him up when he threw a fit about doing all the work. He showed Daniel-san that he was learning the skills he needed but didn't realize it. Daniel-san has the light bulb go off in his head and walks away doing all the wax on wax off stuff.

Now we go to the competition. Daniel-san is a total pussy at the beginning of his first match, running off the mat. Myagi tells him to trust in himself and his skills. One kick to the gut and a chop to the shoulder blade and he wins.

And now the pay off pitch. Why you can kick your boss in the face. Daniel-san is in the finals. Myagi doesn't even say a word to him. Just looks at him and nods. He has total confidence in him getting the job done. One crane kick to the mush and the hobbled Daniel-san wins it all.

So think about the one task you do at work that you are the expert at. The thing that everyone comes to you to help solve their problems. And when your boss tries to butt in and say something, turn around and deliver your right foot to his dental work. You'll feel better and can claim the training paid off!

On a side note, what is with the blatant foul in that final match of the Karate Kid. The douchebag opponent of Daniel-san drops an elbow straight down on his leg and only receives a warning. WTF? Why wasn't he disqualified?* You can't do that shit in the UFC but it would be allowed at a kid's karate tournament? Ridiculous.

*Fuck off if your comment is "well then they couldn't set up the dramatic crane kick ending". With a thought process like that you shouldn't leave your home, let alone be allowed to go online.


SirFWALGMan said...

The ref's were paid off derrrr.. don't you watch Basketball? You should know these things.

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When you said karate kid some bad memories start to coming in my head... i can't believe that i really watched that... the guy was a dumb actor and mr morita doesn't even know anything about karate... but well the old guy was a exploiter anyway haha