Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summerfest thoughts

Today is the last day of Summerfest. A week and a half of music and beer comes to a close.

I didn't venture down to the lakefront as much this year. Only 4 times. I found the musical lineup to be lacking. Not bad, just not my taste. There weren't any acts that I found to be worth checking out. Maybe that happens when the rock station doesn't play any new music, let alone, any new artists.

I did enjoy the Def Leppard show. Their act seems more mechanical than ever. A tight production that satisfies. I never knew they could say "yeah" so many times in their songs.

Heart opened for DL. The Wilson sisters do put on a good show. I can't tell you whether the guitar player in Ann or Nancy. I just know that one can sing and the other still plays a great guitar.

The only other show I wanted to see was the annual event that is Bobby Friss. You can rely on him playing good songs and having fun with the crowd.

The best surprise might have been the Big Gig IPA. One of Miller Brewing's craft units created the IPA just for Summerfest. It was pretty damn good. I heard that Leinie's had their own IPA but I never made it up there. Hell, I didn't even walk north of the main gate. Funny how that happened.

I did miss going down on July 4 with the gang It felt weird for the place to be closed and us not walking around the grounds, searching for good food and music. Hopefully the tradition is resurrected next year.

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