Monday, June 27, 2011

A Crued weekend

Saturday night was like taking a step in the a time machine and going back to the 80s. Except I don't have hair like I used to and I could afford great seats. Those seats would be at the Motley Crue/Poison show at the Bradley Center.

It had been a while since I had seen Motley Crue. I didn't go the last couple of times they came to town. Not sure why that was. Especially when I have seen Poison every time they have played in the Beer City.

The Bradley Center isn't a great place to catch a concert. If you have seats in the bowl, you may see a good show but the sound may blow. If you are in the upper bowl, you can expect the show to sound like total shit as the sound waves bounce of the walls. Simply put, the acoustics are terrible unless you are on the floor right in front of the band.

Which is where I was. 14th row center. Not too shabby.

The New York Dolls went on stage just before 7. To be honest, I had never heard a song by the Dolls. I was aware of them being a leader of the original glam movement but was too lazy to go to YouTube and catch a tune. I didn't know what to expect except the best. They had to be touring with the Crue for a reason.

The reason was they put on a good show. I really enjoyed what they had to play. This one song stood out for me. Simple but good.

I may have to follow up and buy some music from these guys. Good stuff.

Poison would hit the stage 20 minutes after the Dolls finished. I was a bit surprised that they actually had a stage setup. They had ramps and ladders going around. Usually opening bands have their equipment set up in front of the main act. Instead Poison had a smaller version of their actual stage.

Even more amazing, they had pyros. Opening bands never get pyros but Poison did. It led to just about the best condensed show I had ever seen. Except for one thing. With a smaller set, you shouldn't waste time playing cover tunes. Not one but two of them on Saturday. WTF? Plus, they could have done without Brett Michaels playing that damn harmonica.

Other than that it was good stuff. 25 years after I first heard them and not much has changed. I still love me some Poison.

What do I need to say about Motley Crue. It was another classic Crue show. The original band is back together. Tommy Lee has some silly drum solo, this time a roller coaster set up that allow him to go in circles. Nikki Sixx got preachy. And Vince Neil sings half of the song. Hell, I think I have seen just one show where Neil actually sang the entire songs during a set. Usually it goes something like this: "lonely in.... night... blood stain...stage.. Tear in eye.. tempted lies... knife back rage!!!"

All in all it adds up to a night of good music with great memories. If they would come to town I would certainly do it again.

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