Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Gentile Summit 2011

It appears our small crowd had a pretty good time in Milwaukee this weekend. My goal was simple. To show them some good bars, how to tailgate, and the beauty of Miller Park.

I think I succeeded at all 3. Knocked one out of the park if you will.

No surprise here. We got off to a slow start as the Rooster missed a connection. He spent the previous night partying in New York. In true Rooster fashion, he kept going until his flight left at something like 6 am. What he didn't know was that as he slept on the plane, the plane slept on the tarmac for an hour. Thus he missed his flight in Chicago.

No big deal. Got him around 12:30 and headed out for lunch at the Horny Goat Hideaway. The weather was beautiful as we sat by one of the canals of the Milwaukee River.

After lunch we headed to one of the bars I really like in Bay View, Burnhearts. A craft beer bar in the middle of a neighborhood with lots of boobs on the wall. Tasteful boobs mind you. Everyone seemed to really like Burnhearts. It was either the beer selection or the shuffleboard that did the job. We ended back there later on Friday night.

After a couple hours at Burnhearts, we hit up the Blackbird. A place know for its Wisconsin beer list, I figured the pinballs and video games would help entertain people if things seemed slow. Plus it didn't hurt that Chad and Tim- the Minnesota contingency- loved playing trivia at bars.

We got in some bags/cornhole at my house before dinner. We dove into the beer in my fridge. Knocked out a couple of bombers from Lagunitas and pounded the Yuengling before eating at the St. Francis Brewery. Heather wanted a fish fry so I had to deliver a fish fry. This one seemed to work.

I can't recall too much from there. I recall playing more shuffleboard and feeling pretty damn drunk.


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Donkeypuncher said...

Awesome time, sir!