Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gentile Summit 2011 Day 2

For me, the whole point of GS 2011 was to show the boys some good bars in my neighborhood and to tailgate in the parking lot at Miller Park before a Brewers game. I had taken care of goal one and was ready to take on the task of goal 2.

But I had one problem. I lost the boys. Woke up Saturday morning and the place was empty except for Heather. I had left the front door open with the porch light on but there was no sign of them. So I did what any grown man would do. I went about my business. Got some breakfast, checked out the farmers market, cleaned up and waited for people to call to be bailed out.

The Rooster did show up a couple hours later. Soon we were packing the Rogue and heading out to the ballpark store to get more beer. Hey, the last thing you want to do is run out of beer in the parking lot. Not only is that annoying but it is embarrassing.

Once we had some other stuff we headed to a bar by the stadium. But Long Wong's was closed. WTF? Closed on a big baseball weekend? Pfft! So we went to Kelly's Bleachers instead. Had a couple of beers there until Jeff, Chad, and Tim showed up. We laid out plans for where they could expect to find us in the lot and we were off.

Molitor 2. Right by Hwy 41. That is where we ended up. 2nd car from the end which is a great tailgating spot. You have a bit more room because the 1st car is going to take up the space along side their car, thus you get some more space behind your car. Rooster got serious about grilling so I got out of his way. He had the coals going in no time flat. He had a hankering for hot Italian sausages so those got on first, soon to be followed up with brats that had been soaking in beer. Speaking of which, we had enough to go around. Yuengling, Sierra Nevada, O'so, Lagunitas, New Glarus, Gray's, Modelo. I think that covers it. Cooler was filled with beer and ice. Life in the lot doesn't get much better.

Soon we were wandering into the stadium. We had bleacher seats in the right field. I was a bit concerned about where they were. I had to buy them on Stub Hub. Once I got them and printed them up, I noticed it said ADA on them. At first, I panicked and was horrified to think I might have tickets sponsored by the American Dental Association. They used to sponsor the Family Section. I searched the Miller Park site and was relieved to see they weren't Family Section. But I still wondered what ADA was.

Got up to the seats and asked the usher exactly where we were. He pointed to the top section. Called it the "Queen's Box". Ah, ADA. American Disability Act. We had individual folding chairs at the top of the bleachers. Actually, this worked out quite well as we had our very own seating area! Later, we would make it on ESPN as Prince Fielder would crush a home run right above us and slightly to the right. You can see me standing there in my blue jersey and tan shorts.

Brewers won easily and we were out the door looking to drink some more. Once again we had lost the boys. Got a text to meet them downtown. So we did meet up at Rock Bottom. Had a couple of there before going to some country bar. Can't believe that I waited to get into a bar in Milwaukee. That just ain't right. From there, things get hazy. I just recall waking up in the spare bedroom.

In the end, I think I accomplished everything I had set out to go. Showed the boys some good bars, good tailgating, and good baseball. They were amazed by how cheap the beer was. I was happy to see everyone again.

I just might have to try and do this again some day.

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