Monday, August 29, 2011

Let's get lawyers off our TVs

I just don't get it. There are some things you can't do during a television commercial. You can't drink alcohol. You can't smoke cigarettes. You can't show any naughty bits.

What you can do is lie. Truth in advertising? Ha! Show me a commercial from a lawyer and tell me with an honest face that they are being truthful.

It seems like you can't watch any show on local TV without being bombarded with lawyers trolling for business. Some will say insurance companies are dishonest and full of bullies. Some will try to convince you that some medication you took while pregnant harmed you. Some will say that hip transplant was faulty. Some are going after priests, trying to convince you that somewhere, sometime long ago, you were molested in church. Some even have washed up actors singing their praises in the same canned commercial shown across the country but with names changed for the respective market.

Each one of these lawyer is making a case against some deep pocket defendant before you even speak with them. Each commercial is misleading. Each one is made to get you thinking you deserve money because of certain circumstances. Each one promises big bucks.

Big bucks for the lawyer that is. Let's not act like they are doing this out of the bottom of their hearts. They are chasing ambulances in 30 second spots. I'd like for it to stop.

What does it take to get these commercials to stop? Tort reform? Legislation to stop these ads? Anyone know?


Grange95 said...

Lawyer advertising is mostly regulated by the state's supreme court. Here in Iowa, we have some of the most restrictive lawyer advertising rules, which only recently even allowed TV or radio ads, and then under severe restrictions (e.g., no sales pitches, only verifiable factual statements, no "action" shots / only a narrator). Online websites have similar restrictions on only permitting verifiable factual statements.

Imagine my culture shock when I go to Vegas and see an ad on a bus for "Half Price Lawyers">

AletaR said...

Are you aware that there are two ads for lawyers on your blog? I'm just saying.

StB said...

Grange, I would venture a guess that Wisconsin's law is much like Iowa's. Maybe it is the cynic in me but I find it hard to stomach guys saying that insurance companies treat you unfair, bully you, and are just not nice. Sure some may be but it is a broad brushing of an industry that a logical person should see as silly.

Aleta, not surprised. The ads are going to be based on what I talk about. Give me a topic and let's find out!

Hey Jo said...

Well, your ads now say ...

Stop Your Hair Loss and an ad for ITT Tech.

The ads are why I watch most tv after it has started thru the magic that is my dvr. I can skip the commercials. Much less annoying. I'm not sure who is more irritating, Peter Francis Geraci or David Gruber.

Anonymous said...

Tort reform? I like tortes and cakes.

AletaR said...

Okay-let's go with Chicken wings and the Brewers and see what happens.