Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am not much of a planner. Unless there is something really important and meaningful, I rarely know what I am doing during a given month. This coming month is no different.

It's Labor Day weekend. A time for people to invite friends over and get in that last cookout. Me? I have nothing planned. I'll probably find a festival and go hang out with friends while listening to music.

Or go to Hooters to eat chicken wings and watch the Brewers.

Looking out, I only have a couple things on my calendar. Volunteering at Tyranena in October. Vegas in December. And the last week of the year to stay away from work. That sums up my 4th quarter.

Sure some things will be added. Hopefully Brewers playoff games will be in the mix. Whether I'll be eating chicken wings or be at Miller Park is to be seen, but I think the future has that in store for me.

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AletaR said...

No lawyer ad's. 1 for Healthier eating though. Must be those wings you speak of.