Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rain can be appropriate

It was not the way I want to spend my day. Working from home in order to attend a funeral service in the middle of the day. With it raining outside.

Sadly, my friend's father passed away suddenly. Having lost my mother just 3 months ago, I knew she would be in bad shape. Must worse than I went through. We were able to plan ahead. My friend was not.

I always thought rain is the appropriate weather for when you need to go to a funeral. Like tears from the sky, it washes away sadness. It fits the mood you are in. Better yet, if the clouds clear up for the sun to come out, it is like a new beginning.

The church was just over a mile from my house. I wore a grey suit with a blue shirt. As I left my house I thought it was time to get a new suit soon. At the church I would feel overdressed. It seems that funerals are becoming a more casual affair in Milwaukee. Not being judgmental here, just observational. People should wear what they are comfortable in. For me, I was raised to believe this was more of a formal affair. Thus I tie'd up.

The service itself was short and to the point. I like that. The best part was at the very end. A longtime friend got up to say some words about the buddy he had just lost. It was a fitting tribute. I can only hope someone says such kind words at my funeral.

My sympathies to my friend and her family. Hopefully your pain goes away as the memories stay forever.

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AletaR said...

You are a good man.