Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beer and camping

I returned from a pretty good weekend at camp. The site was Lake Kegonsa State Park by Madison, Wisconsin. I like this particular park for a number of reasons. The sites are spacious, the lake isn't too far away, and the firewood is usually pretty good.

Oh, I should also mention that I get to drive by the Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills when we camp at Lake Kegonsa. That means stopping in to fill up the growler as I enjoy a couple of beers at their tasting room. This time around I was able to try their Gemutlichkeit Oktoberfest. It was rich and malty. Too strong for some palates but I found it to be just right for the occasion.

Meanwhile at the campsite, things were mostly quiet. Lots of relaxing at the campsite as my friend Ben tried to cook an apple pie on the Weber grill. It took some time but he did succeed in the end. Quite a feat in my eyes.

One thing I'll need to remember next time we go camping. That is not to graze on all the food that makes it way out during the day. I end up snacking all day before piling on a meal. Then I feel sick for the next couple of hours. It really kills the drinking mood. So next time I act like a normal day and not eat umpteen million tiny millions during hte day.

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xlpharmacy said...

Beer and camping! the best combination I've ever seen in my whole life!