Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Too much too quick

Man, I feel like crap. I guess I ate too much, too quickly. But I couldn't help myself. I was hungry.

I started making some chili before heading out to mow the lawn. I could get the grass cut and come back inside for dinner. Great idea!

I am not sure how much grass grew. When is the last time we had a good rain fall? Hell it looked like only part of the lawn had grown and it was uneven at that. I'll just get it done and soon it will need just one more cut before it snows.

Ugh.... snow.

Lawn finished, I ran back inside and scooped out a bowl of chili. Oh it looked so good. Tossed some cheese on top along with some Frank's Red Hot and I was digging in. Until I burnt my mouth. It was way too hot to eat. That only slowed me down. A little blowing on each spoon and was filling my pie hole.

When the bowl was done I figured I'd have one more. Bad idea. I got half way through and began to fill ill. Now an hour later, I still feel sick. Oh to have some Rollaids in the house.

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AletaR said...

Maybe it was the Franks.
Par for the course are the ads for lawn care and Healthcare.