Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Festivus miracle!

There is no Day 6. AT&T was able to rectify the problem and I have TV and internet service once again. But being AT&T, it was no simple feat.

There was a serious problem. But it wasn't at my house. It was actually a block away at some kind of substation or module that controls the neighborhood. But I am getting ahead of myself. As I said, it was easy for AT&T to do this.

Surprisingly, the tech showed up early. Like most of the people I have spoken to at Uverse, he was dumbfounded to see the equipment. He thought he was doing an install, not a repair. Actually, I think he work order was for a reinstall. First time I heard that term from them.

Tech guy immediately told me of the problem with the station down the street and said he believed that would be the issue. But he would check things on this end of the block first. He went outside and checked the box outside the house. No signal. Next, he hooked up one of the lumberjack straps and climbed right up the pole. Hell, who needs a ladder? Ten minutes later he was in his truck and sat in there for a while.


I thought he had quit. Apparently he was having a cigarette as I smelled it when he came back to the house. He told me there was nothing he could do. He had no signal at the house or the pole so the station down the street was the problem. Of course he couldn't tell me when this would be fixed but he told me they were aware of the issue and the guy was still working. That did not sound encouraging. He did mention that when it was fixed, everything should boot right on up.

I sat around my house thinking of what to do. I decided to take a nap and let the stress of the situation melt away. When I got up, I noticed another AT&T truck outside by the pole. It was a different truck this time. A new tech was up a ladder- guess he didn't have the mad lumberjack skills the other one did- and was working on that box. He came to the house and tinkered with that before hopping in his truck and driving away. Where are you going?!?!?!?

I putzed around the house for a while wondering what I should do. I thought about what the first tech had said about the substation down the street. I figured maybe that is where the second dude was. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a walk. If I saw this guy down there working, I'd come back home. If not, I would keep on walking to a bar.

Sure enough, he was working on the substation. Only thing was he looked confused. He had a flashlight out and was lighting up the ground. That didn't look promising. I did as I said and walked back to the house just in case the tech would have to come back and go inside the house. About 20 minutes later the truck was back outside the house. Soon I noticed that the modem was flashing an angry red signal. I rebooted everything and was up and running again!

A true Festivus miracle!

So things are good again. I lost everything that was recorded though. For whatever reason the recordings on the DVR but associated with one of the other 4 accounts that was created. I'll survive. I am just happy to get things working.

Tomorrow I call and speak to them about billing. I'm gonna raise Hell and make sure they don't charge me for installation. That should be fun.

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