Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 5

I woke up wondering how much I would have to dislike someone to recommend they sign up for Uverse. There would have to be a lot of disgust for me to do that to someone.

I am in Day 5 of no service from Uverse. I wish I had individual posts for each day now. It would have been better than the letter I sent off to AT&T yesterday. From what I gather, that mail box isn't really monitored but I felt better having sent it. I still will work towards finding a good email address to blast away on.

Day 4 was about what I expected. Spent about 75 minutes in the morning talking with Maurice (no not the gangster of love) about what was going on. He seemed pretty confident he could solve the problems for me. In fact, he said it was all fixed and would be working when I got home. I would just need to reboot the gateway- their fancy name for the modem- and after I reboot the TV boxes all would be good.


Actually I knew better. For some reason, a field technician called me a couple hours later and asked about the problems I was having and if I was home so he could fix it. Having not wanted to waste a day waiting around for a tech to show up I told him I wasn't leaving work. Beside, Maurice had promised me it would work. Field tech Lee said it wouldn't. His solution was that because the account numbers had been changed so many times that new boxes had to be installed. Of course he wouldn't work late (past 4) and provide me superior customer service. Nor could he arrange for someone to come out instead of him. Thanks again AT&T!

When I got home did the reboot I got the same result. Nothing. I was back on the phone and calling them on the super special Bat line. This time Michelle apoligized profusely for what happened and said she would work on it. She just needed to get through on the Order Management Team to get someone out to get it fixed this week. After 15 minutes of being on hold with her coming back every 5 minutes, she suggested she call me back with an update.

Do I really need to mention that she never called back?

And the apoligies. I told Michelle to stop apologizing. I explained that the apologies were meaningless. There is nothing worth less than an apology from an AT&T service rep.

So I was back on the phone today speaking with Ross, another one of these Tier Two technicians. He gave me a different reason for why things weren't working but did mention the same problem that Maurice had the day before. I went on my frustrating rant again, mentioning that oe of the biggest days in football was coming up and I wanted to be able to watch football. I even joked saying "Is this the America we live in when we can't watch football on Thanksgiving ?!?!?!" He laughed at that one. Finally, a rep with a sense of humor. I asked where he was and found out he was in Dallas. He was also unhappy that he had to work tomorrow instead of going to the football game. Maybe that is a sign?

So for those keeping score at home, a technician is suppose to show up today between 4 and 9. Since this didn't happen on Monday, I am not holding my breath that it happens today.

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