Sunday, January 08, 2012

Best comedy on TV

Tonight I am watching the best new comedy on TV. It doesn't have any comedians or a fancy set nor is it on any of the major networks. Its on Animal Planet. I am talking about Finding Bigfoot.

Right away I knew this show was going to insanely stupid and funny. They show footage of some ape like creature swing from a branch on a tree in the distant background of some guy talking. One of the investigators, Bobo the Clown, says that it is positively a baby Sasquatch. He quickly follows up by saying that no one has ever seen a baby Sasquatch so it has to be one. What? You have no basis for comparison but you confidently state it is a baby Squatch.

Oh yeah, that word, Squatch. That is all Bobo says. It even becomes a verb. Squatching. To be searching for Bigfoots. Or is that Bigfeet?

These investigators use this kind of logic. If it cannot be easily explained, then it has to be a Bigfoot. There first conclusion is always that it is a Bigfoot. They have taken all these theories and assumptions and simply claim them as fact. I find myself laughing out loud each time they make one of these silly comments.

During an investigation, they think they hear some knocks in the distance. So they start to walk towards where they think they heard the sound. Bobo even makes the comment that they must be within 30 yards of the sound. How the hell do you figure that out? Later, he claims that they had rocks thrown towards them, though he says that acorns are dropping. I have been camping when nuts have fallen off the tree and they can make some noise. Occam's Razor people.

There does appear to be one scientist in the group. The woman is the only non-believer. Thankfully she gives these looks to the camera when they sound silly.

If you believe in Bigfoot, fine. I don't care. But apply a scientific method to your search. Don't always conclude that every sound, every broken branch, every reaction is from a Sasquatch. Not everything in the woods is a Squatch. Get some real proof before you attempt to speak with authority.

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AletaR said...

By far the silliest show I have ever come across. Court TV comes in as a close 2nd.