Saturday, January 14, 2012

Different kind of weird dream

It was weird dream night again. But this one was quite different from the ones I had in the past. This was a scary weird dream.

Not scary as in I popped up in a sweat in the middle of the night kind of dream. Scary as I was scared during the dream. Quite an interesting experience.

The dream started out normal I guess. I had begun to notice some strange things happening in my house. Items disappearing, a strange noise hear and there, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. That is, until the frequency started to increase. Then I was thinking there was something more than met the eye.

I was becoming more aware of what it could be. Paranormal activity. But I wasn't sold on it. That is until the pantry incident.

As I said, the activity was more common. I had noticed things go on with more frequency. Thus, when I had walked into the pantry to get something and heard a loud noise from the other room, I was alarmed. I took a step out of the pantry and saw that the kitchen door going to the back steps was now wide open. I knew it had been closed.

I jumped back into the pantry. Seeing that door open freaked me out. But then I realized that that the door had opened, but no one had come in. I would have seen them walk by or in the kitchen. Now I was scared.

I was certain there was something just outside of the door in the back hallway. And my gut told me it wasn't necessarily a person. But I wasn't taking any chances. I grabbed a bowl and got ready to attack.

But first I had to get the courage to do so. I was scared shitless. It wasn't like I could just jump out right away. Plus, I was using a bowl as a weapon. That one makes me laugh. I am in a pantry with canned goods. I had silverware in a drawer as well as some big knives. But it was a bowl that would be my weapon.

I jumped out swinging the bowl but there was no one there. I stepped in to the hallway and looked down the steps but nothing. I walked back into the kitchen and put the bowl down. Then I walked to the bedroom. I was surprised what I saw there.

A sliding door in front of my bed. Yeah, really scary! I looked at the door and wondered what the hell was going on. I walked out of the bedroom wondering what to do. I figured I'd take the door downstairs. No idea where this sliding door had come from. It wasn't from my house. I thought somewhere in the neighborhood someone was walking into their bedroom and wondering what happened to the door on their closet.

But when I went back into my bedroom, the door was gone. Instead there was my leather jacket hanging by the wall, torn apart with blood all over it, my bed, and the walls. I ran out of the room.

For whatever reason, there was a woman in my living room with a little boy about 8 years old. Apparently he was my nephew even though my nephew is just 3 years old and the woman wasn't my sister in law. She was telling the boy to apologize to me and promise he wouldn't do this again. The boy said I deserved it. That he would stop if I would be nicer. As he said this, his eyes were pitch black and he spoke in a cold manner. I agreed thinking this kid was the freakin' devil.

End of dream.

I don't recall having a dream like that where I was scared in it. That was a different experience.

And before you go around wondering what I ate for dinner. It was a hamburger. But what may had led to the dream was what I was watching when I fell asleep. It was a show called The Dead Files. That may have had an influence.

I will probably watch the UFC tonight. Maybe I'll dream about fighting in the cage tonight.

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AletaR said...

I have two explainations- You are watching way to much Big Foot and maybe you didn't really like what you bought your nephew for Christmas. I'm just saying..