Monday, January 16, 2012

Pop Up Bigfoot!

Today is the Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence marathon. It looks to be some kind of prequel or the first season of Finding Bigfoot.

And it is awesome! No wait, it is awful!

It is friggin' Pop Up Video Bigfoot! Really, as the show goes on, the investigator's faces pop up in a little bubble with really stupid facts or comments.

The show from Alaska featured tidbits such as
  • My first trip to Alaska
  • How do you like my hat?
  • It seems to be a blob-squatch
  • I loved the totem pole park.
This one started off with some actual photos. One was a some sort of nest. Of course, because they deduced it wasn't a bird, it had to be a Sasquatch. Great to know that same logic was applied last year. Everything is a Sasquatch until proven otherwise.

Other photos showed toes in the snow, a blurry photo of something dark, and other ambiguous pictures. Still, no real evidence of an actual Bigfoot. As I watched, I began to wonder one thing. If the photo they like so much is the footprints in the snow, why didn't they come up to investigate in the winter when there would be snowfall? Wouldn't it make their investigation much easier?

Wait, I think I am using logic. And it ain't the Bigfoot logic they use.

Of course Bobo was full of unverified Sasquatch facts. How they like to move around when it is most quiet. Sasquatchs can shimmy up a tree really fast.

But the best was Squatch Strategy. How if you get near one, another Bigfoot will make a loud noise to get you away from the other one, like if you are approaching its female. Where does Bobo get this shit? Bobo was certain they found a footprint of a baby Bigfoot and the sound they heard was meant to scare them away.

I learned there are different kinds of howls they use when investigating. Ohio Howl. Whoop Howl. I hope to learn more howls. I hope Bobo doesn't claim to know a Mating Howl.

But the stupidest thing I saw was the one Pop Up comment that said they wanted a decommissioned ranger vehicle to drive when on the island (Prince Wales Island) because "Sasquatches would not associate those vehicles with poachers. Poachers? Really this clown is worried about people poaching a Bigfoot? No one has ever brought a body of a Bigfoot in to prove they exist let alone there be a poaching problem! What an idiot!

Bobo's quote of the show- "Not every Squatch is a rocket scientist. There are some dumb ones."

Coming up: The Finding Bigfoot drinking game!

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