Monday, January 09, 2012

Finding Bigfoot- It gets funnier

Having watched the first episode of Finding Bigfoot and laughing out loud, I couldn't wait to see the next episode. For once, missing the first episode when it aired was lucky for me. That meant I could see two episodes in one night. In this case, I recorded it so I could laugh again tonight.

They were in Rhode Island, a state that one investigator thought was way too small to hold such a big creature. Right away, the logic makes no sense. Better yet, Bobo didn't make the comment.

There were some great things in the Rhode Island episode. Faulty logic, new tenses of "squatch", and new facts.

Let's start with the faulty logic. In Finding Bigfoot, the equation seems to be:
a- Authority figure
b-Bigfoot sighting
c- Confirmed evidence

Please note the equation does not contain any evidence. In this case, a biologist (a) had a personal encounter (b) with what he thought was a Bigfoot. The biologist did not have any evidence but because he is a biologist, it is definitely a Bigfoot (c). Bobo said so with absolute confidence. Through two episodes I can tell you that means squat, not squatch.

The also brought us some new ways to use "squatch". We learned that in addition to it being used as a verb (squatching), it can be used as an adjective (squatchy) and a noun (squatcher). I look forward to them expanding the dictionary next week.

The biggest new fact I learned from Rhode Island was that the Sasquatch and coyotes basically go hand in hand. Where you find coyotes, you find Bigfoots. Or Bigfeet. I still haven't had that clarified.

I will give one investigator credit. Apparently their thing is to leave one of their guys out in the woods alone for a couple of days. The guy goes investigating on the second night because he smells what he described as a "sweet, rotting piece of meat". He walks through the woods until he finds the source. A mushroom. Some big smelly mushroom in the woods. Though he was disappointed he didn't find a carcass a Squatch had been feeding on, he did say that maybe the Squatch would eat these mushrooms and thus they had to be around. Great logic there.

But he went on. He let out a call and got a response. He did it a second time and got another response. Bigfoot??? Nope. He actually admits that it is a barn owl. I was shocked. If that had been Bobo he would have swore he was communicating with a Squatch. So I must give this guy some credit for admitting it wasn't what he wanted.

But the same guy also came across a footprint. At first he said it was a Bigfoot print. He measure it at 10 inches and felt confident. But later he said it was probably just a human. I am fine with that but I had one issue. Where was his plaster mix? I thought all Bigfoot specialists carried that mix on them so they could mix it with water on the spot to get a copy of the print. I am now beginning to doubt their qualifications.

Line of the night goes to Bobo- "I can say with confidence that Rhode Island is squatchy as Hell". Yep, you have no physical proof, no video or audio recording but it is squatchy Yeah, right.

It looks like they go to Minnesota next week. And apparently something happens that could only be the result of a Bigfoot! My prediction? No evidence and Bobo agrees with every possible Bigfoot possibility.


AletaR said...

I will look forward to your review next week.

SirFWALGMan said...

With a name like Bobo he must be half squatch himself so he knows these things man! I gotta watch this show with the kid, he loves these shows.

Oh and I applaud the "Search for Squatch".. I mean if we stop looking for new things then we will just stagnate and die.. the quest for knowledge is always good even if a little misguided.

StB said...

I totally agree with you Waffles. I am not making fun of them searching for Bigfoot, I am making fun of how they do their squatching. It is so unscientic it is funny.

And Bobo is about what you would expect. yes, he could be part sqatch!