Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodies from the candy store

What did I buy at the candy store yesterday? According to the voice recognition app on my iPhone I came home with:
Beer list skull splitter nuclear's Cherry Stout the Schlinker smoke beers John Hale spikes splitterSimile Adams double Bock Sam cinderblock flying dog robe quarterSmutty nose's MontmatreSquatters Oather darknessSamuel Smith Taddy PorterSamichlaus

Maybe I should translate it so you can read it easier.
Skull Splitter
New Glarus Cherry Stout
Schlenkerla Smoke Beer (Rauchbier) 1 Marzen, 1 Weizen, and 1 Urbock
John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale
Samuel Adams Double Bock
Samuel Adams Cinder Bock
Flying Dog Road Dog Porter
Smuttynose S'muttonator
Squatters Outer Darkness
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter

So if I don't leave my house this weekend, you'll know why.

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