Monday, February 20, 2012

Whisky Woodbooger

This show started off with a bang. All the bits and pieces that only a nincompoop would rule out the most likely result and go with the long shot.

The gang is in Kentucky to follow up on an 'eye shine' video. Some guy in the dark who picks up light reflecting off of a creature's eyes. Furthermore, the claim is that while they were taping this Bigfoot, another Squatch came up from behind them.
The video turns out to be about 3 years old. So when the scientist chick Ranae says that it is likely an owl sitting on a branch, it seems like a logical conclusion. But not to the self-professed leader Matt who has to get all sarcastic. I loved this line:
"In other words, she is making an assumption, that there was a branch there that isn't there, nor is there any indication that there would be a branch in the place would it need to be."

But one can make an assumption, that Saquatches, that are proven to be real nor is there any indication that this Bigfoot would be in the place it needs to be if it were real?

Finding Bigfoot logic at its best!!!

And it gets better. She says that she'll go with the empirical evidence that is likely to be an owl and Matt comes back that he'll use the same empirical evidence because there is no place for the owl to be. Of course the big difference is she is talking about a bird that is know to exist. He is still living in his fantasy world.

One other thing that has me thinking. How can they be so damn sure they are in the right spot? This happened 3 years ago. A tree that was there could easily be gone. They could also simply be in the wrong spot.

Besides, don't Sasqatches always run away? This one just happened to want to sit still and not take off. Funny how that happens only to prove it was a Bigfoot.

Kudos to Bobo for sticking up for Ranae and saying it is likely an owl. Man is Matt a dumbass!

We got a number of calls from the boys tonight as well. Bobo did a new "aggressive" call that was different than those before. Cliff gave a call that sounded more like a sneeze.

Unfortunately we didn't get more because they encountered some hunters. Numerous gun shots were going off around them. They believe they were hunting 'coons. Those hunters "killed any shot of them encountering a Bigfoot" Yeah, right.

Last week in Virginia we were introduced to a new term, the Woodbooger. This week they took it a step further and called the Kentucky Bigfoot the Whisky Woodbooger! For those playing the drinking game, yes, that would count as a version of Squatch so you should drink.

I like how they talked to a guy who claimed to have found a Squatch while randomly looking around. When he went to get some video, they discover a short in the cord so they cannot get any evidence. Another story with absolutely no proof. Of course they call it a Bigfoot. I could make up a story and they guys would believe me. Hmmm... maybe I should work on the legend of the Bay View Bigfoot!

One of the cute parts of the show is the recreations she do to help explain the story. The computer generated Bigfoot looks to be a lumbering fella. He doesn't seem to change much from state to state.

We learn that Bigfoots like roads. They aren't dumb. They are like physicists. They know the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line, aka the road. Thanks for that gem Matt! Bobo, not to be outdone, says that the Squatch likes to sleep inside barns. It isn't common for people to see them jumping out of barn windows and taking off when people come out in the morning to milk the cow. He said there have been hundreds of reports. Hundreds and no one can get video of this?

We also learn that a Sasquatch will be attracted to the sound of a crying baby. Bigfoot also seems to really like power lines as they are seen right around them. Funny, ghost hunters would say that the EMF coming off the power lines may mess with your head and make you think you are seeing things that aren't there.

I started laughing out loud when they are out inspecting in the middle of the woods in the dark. One thing they end up hearing is a distinct 'moo'. Ranae asks Matt why the Bigfoot doesn't eat the cow. They'll eat deer but not cow? Matt tries to give an explanation that the Squatch looks at the cow as our (human) food so it leaves it alone. The Squatch thinks that if he leaves the cow alone, we'll leave the deer alone. The look on his face is priceless as you can tell he is making this shit up on the spot. Ranae can't help but smirk at this load of crap.

At the end of the show there is one loud scream that Cliff and Bobo hear. There is no follow up so we don't know what it might have been. Until they come across the cows in the field and realize there is a good chance that is what they heard.

So no evidence of the Whisky Woodbooger. Bummer. But next week's show could be fun. The preview is of some people grilling them about their lack of evidence and they have their facts questioned. I can't wait to hear the BS next Sunday.


SirFWALGMan said...

Matts an asshole.. and Ranae can be too.. I think we like when she is being an asshole better because it is more often "hey that's not a squach".. Bobo is always funny. I liked that episode. I do not think this show is going to last long though...

StB said...

I concur. There is only so much you can do without real evidence. I'd be shocked if it made it past midway season 3.