Thursday, April 05, 2012

Another beautiful crazy dream

I love it when I have crazy dreams. I love it even more when I can remember them. Because they are usually a doozy.

And this one I thought was a doozy.

I call it a doozy because it moved from scene to scene to scene without making much sense. Let's go to the tape!

It started with me being at my house with a co-worker. She states that we have to go to an industry conference and must take the bus to get there. The bus stop is at the intersection about 5 blocks from my house. So we walk up the street and take a right to get to the bus stop. When we get there, we need to jump down onto the bus and crawl through the hole in the roof of the bus so we can buy a ticket. That makes sense!

Once I get through the bus, I see my co-worker buy her ticket and go back into the bus. I ask how much the ticket is. She ignores me. I ask the bus driver how much the ticket costs and he snarls that I should know since I asked the same question yesterday. What?

So I stand in front of the ticket machine trying to figure it out. As I am about to put a dollar into the machine, a little black kid thrusts a buck towards me. I ask him if he needs me to buy his ticket. He shakes his head 'yes' and I put the dollar into the machine. It prints a ticket and kicks out 50 cents. The kid grabs the quarters as I give him his ticket.

Suddenly a crowd is around me, everyone trying to buy a bus ticket. I keep asking how much the ticket is but no one is answering me. I push a couple bucks into the machine and end up on the bus.

The bus starts moving west down the street. When it suddenly takes a left turn, the bus goes bezerk. People are wondering where the hell the driver is going. Someone says that they need to take a detour so he is going the correct route.

As we drive, we soon go over a long bridge covering a big valley. Strange since there really anything like that in Milwaukee. As the bus goes over the valley, I notice the apartments below. It looks like a war zone. Buildings in disarray. Plastic sheets serving as walls. People living in squalor. The bus got really quiet at that time.

Once the bus got over the bridge, it emptied out. A bunch of privileged white kids got on the bus. About 6 of them sat around me with some little snot sitting right next to me. I sat there minding my own business. A big dude who was hogging a whole seat seemed to be the ring leader. He kept talking up a storm, telling some funny stories.

Suddenly the big dude realized I was listening in. He noticed me chuckling to his tales. He motioned for his friends to pay attention. Suddenly, he had his feet propped up on my shoulders like I was his personal ottoman. The little snot next to me did the same thing.

That pissed me off. I told him he should remove his feet. He laughed. The little snot laughed as well. I said it again. Remove your feet now! They all laughed at me.

Then I snapped. I smacked the little snot's legs aside and grabbed the bid dude's shins. I applied a heel hook by applying my forearm against his shin and began wrenching on his ankle. He started crying like a baby. His friends got up but I gave them a glare and they all sat down. I kept torquing his ankle, trying to break it.

Suddenly, some dude with a New York accent came down the aisle of the bus and told these kids to stop harassing me. I let go of the big dude's ankle at this time. This guy said they should mind their own business instead of bothering people.

Just when he got done, another guy approached him and told him he was full of shit. That he always does the same thing. NY accent guy got upset and gave him a "You want a piece of me?" line. So sooner than he was done, the guy popped him in the jaw. A tooth went flying out.

The NY accent guy said this dude was in trouble. He then put on his glasses and said the other guy should hit him. The other did hit him, sending a lens out of his glasses into the air.

Now NY accent guy said he was pissed and took a swing. The other guy ducked and then proceeded to hammer fist the NY guy into oblivion.

That was when I woke up wondering what the fuck I had dreamt.


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