Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting old

I've had some weird things happen to me lately. Freak injuries that weren't athletic in nature. Old man kind of injuries.

I guess I want to stay in denial and disregard the aging process. Everyone wants to stay young. Or at least energetic. That is why little things like this pissed me off.

The first thing happened a couple of weeks ago. I was holding a plate waiting for someone to place a pork chop on it. Out of nowhere I felt a muscle in my back siege up and shoot some pain down my side. That had never happened before. The pain only lasted a couple days but it was strange how it happened out of the blue. I am glad there hasn't been a reoccurrence.

The second "injury" occurred this past Friday. I did what I usually did in the morning.  Alarm goes off, I hit snooze and then stretch my body out. This time I heard a loud pop in my neck and felt a wave a pain go over my body. At first I thought it would subside quickly (I don't know why I thought that). But soon my neck stiffened up and I could look to the right or bend my neck in that direction. The scary part was I had plans to go to a beer festival and didn't want to be in pain as I drank.

After applying some cold and heat over the weekend the pain was gone by today. Neck movement is fine again.

I can't help but wonder what might be next. If something else goes on my body I may just wrap myself up in bubble wrap and stay home.

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