Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not so good vibrations

I was in the dentist’s chair again yesterday. During my checkup a week ago they suggested I get a filling replaced. I would need to get it done eventually so they talked me into doing it sooner rather than later. Made sense so I made the appointment.

I have no problems with dentists anymore. There was a time in my life where I didn’t have my teeth check for at least a decade. That embarrassment led me to avoiding a routine checkup. It wasn’t until I looked at my work benefits and saw that I was paying for dental coverage. Might as well use it so I bit the bullet and went to the office in my neighborhood.

Been going back for a number of years now. I faithfully schedule the next appointment before I leave. Since going with years of neglect I have become one of the faithful.

I had a number of little cavities taken care of after jumping back into the water. The process wasn’t bad at all. They numbed up the gum before sticking a needle in to numb the side of the mouth. Getting a filling redone should be a big deal.

I sat there as she popped this swab with some bubble gum tasting goop on it. I felt the cheek go first then the gum. Couldn’t feel the needle at all when she poked the pink flesh. After that the dentist left and I had to listen to the soft rock radio station for 5 agonizing minutes. I wish they could have numbed my ears.

That 5 minutes seemed like forever. I began to worry that the numbness would wear off and I’d feel everything. When she came back in with the assistant, I hoped that all would be well.

I am very calm when I am in that chair. I put myself in to a relaxed state. I breathe easy and let my mind wander. It isn’t easy when two people are hovering over you. Funny reaction for me is to sweat. I probably had bullets of sweat on my forehead, not from anxiety but from having two people so close to me.

I flinched once during the process. It wasn’t because they hit a nerve or caused real pain. They simply did something that did not feel comfortable. It took me a while to realize what that discomfort was. I think it was the vibration of the tooth and the one next to it. That was a bit irritating.

Twenty minutes of being numbed up and drilled into I was out the door. I felt like holding my jaw as I walked through the waiting room. A dramatic exit to scare the other patients. But I didn’t. I just wanted to get home and have a beer. No solids on that side of the mouth they said. I guess that includes today as I ate some cereal with a bit of discomfort. Seems normal. If not, I’ll have to drink some more beer until it is fully healed.

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