Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It goes in the corner over the other one

There are things in life that really irk me. Little things that have no consequence in my life yet drive me nuts.

License plates are one of them. You would think that people would understand how to apply the renewal sticker on a license plate. It seems simple enough. You place the new one over the old one.

So why do I always see cars with these stickers all over the plate? It would seem people cannot follow simple directions.

This morning I applied my new sticker to the Mustang. I had a tissue that I used to dilegently clean off the old sticker. I took the backing off and put the blue one over the yellow. 12 is gone, 13 is on top. I took the tissue and sticker back and placed them in the envelope. I then read the envelope for any instructions on how to apply the sticker. This may seem silly but I thought that maybe people need to be told exactly what to do.

The instruction on the renewal envelope simpley said "Place new sticker and renewals here" with an arrow pointing to the bottom corner.

I began to wonder why it doesn't say to place the new sticker over the old one? Some beauraucrat probably labored over that one. But it stills says where to place the sticker so they shouldn't be all over the damn plate.

I wait for the day I see a plate filled with stickers that some clown puts the new one on the trunk or bumper.

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