Saturday, June 26, 2004

Damn right I got the blues!

Summerfest. Day 2. Got the Blues. Had a great time. Buddy Guy is simply amazing. He can play that guitar like it is on fire. I also like how he enjoys himself on stage, having a good time. I respect how he also doesn't hog the spotlight. He always lets his band go up and show their chops. He also does this thing where he pays tribute to other great blues players. He will play like Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Lee Hooker, even Robert Clapton (who should be holding Buddy's jock).
So Buddy is on stage, tearing it up. Next thing I notice is someone else is up there with him, playing guitar. One of Buddy's guitars. I wish I knew who he was, because he was damn good. On second thought, if you are on stage with Buddy Guy, you have to be good because he ain't gonna let some chump get up there and share his stage. So, Buddy and the unknown guitarist start shredding. They speed it up, note for note. Great sound! Next thing, Buddy mentions someone lurking on the side and invites him in. Kid Rock walks on stage. He and Buddy start singing a blues song. At a point, Kid Rock raps a bit, but it was ok. Buddy and him start singing the blues about, well, I guess the easiest way to put it, was big assed girlfriends. Kinda the My Woman Has Got a Big Ass Blues. Hilarious. Very good show by Buddy Guy. Having Kid Rock show on the end was good too. The guy may be a rapper, but he is well versed in many different genres of music, including the Blues.

While drinking, I noticed somethings at Summerfest:
Two dollars gets you a pocket. I saw the shirt I want to buy and went to see how much. They have it in white ($16) and black in a pocket tee ($18). Two dollars more for a pocket. Interesting.
Some old guy is selling "computer personality" tests. He is selling, but no one is buying. I can just picture him buying this thinking he was going to make a fortune. Now he is probably pissed because the guys across from him selling the wild color fuzzy hats (pimp hats?) is making a killing!
New theory of life: A woman attractiveness goes down in proportion with the size of her chest. I am willing to bet this is true at least 85% of the time (this is up there with the Heather theory). The bigger the rack, and she looks like your friend Jack. Take a gander down at Summerfest and put my theory to the test. More of the women with smaller chests are much better looking. There is a tradeoff.
Listen to some band sing a song called Ass Knockin. They taught the crowd the words. They wouldn't say mother fucker, but would sing about ass knockin all night long. What is that tradeoff?

Today is the long one. Going at noon to catch a friend's brother's uncle's paperboy's mother's gynecologist(or something like that) play in a band called 3 Note Johnny. I call them the opening act for Bobby Friss, the best daytime band. I will recap the day if I survive. Bloody Mary's start in a half hour.

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