Friday, June 25, 2004

If you were handed 7 wishes

While drinking, I stumbled onto this neat little party called Summerfest. An event I throw for a few hundred thousand of my closest friends. Last night was the opener and was able to see my band, Night Ranger once again. Show was very good (ok, I am slightly biased), but it got off to a bad start. They weren't scheduled until 11. There were the fireworks that ended right at 11 and when things are right, they start then. Well, they hadn't finished setting up the drums, or the guitars. They hadn't done a sound check. 20 minutes later they finally get going. But no one had checked the bass. So after they opened with Touch of Madness, Jack Blades had to go play with his bass. From there on the show was smooth. Same great time that I expected. Even the set list was different. They played Secret of My Success, something I haven't heard them do since the Big Life tour. They did a little Once bitten, twice shy to roast the keyboardist who was with Great White. Strange part was they closed with Sister Christian. By this time I had moved to the back of the crowd, from 4 row center, and people were enjoying. Standard size crowd that filled up as they played. Good show, even with the delayed beginning. Must have been good because even Tim was bobbing his head at times. That or he was staring at the lady with the big fake breasts.

Interesting thing happened down by the lake as well. My cell phone wouldn't work. And the company I use is a big sponsor of the Fest! Kept getting network busy messages. I bet Roger thinks I ditched him.

On the schedule tonight is either Chevelle or Buddy Guy. Buddy is great show and I will probably go for that. Love to see great guitar work.

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