Saturday, June 19, 2004

DfJ rolls on

The Drinking for Jesus tour rolled on in to St. Romans last night. Romans is possibly the biggest church festival in the city. They go pour a ton of beer over the 4 nights the fest runs. For example, last night they did just under 100 barrels (from what I overheard) Mt Olive played. They were ok. Nothing bad, nothing special. Had a good time talking with the "campers" Paul & Dianne. The best part of the night was the end. As people shuffled (stumbled?) out of the tents and the alter boys cleaned up the grounds, the Drinking for Jesus tour rolled back stage. Yes, you probably think the fest ends for the night, they count up the money, head into the church and thank the Lord for their bounty. Heck no! These people go take the cheap booze they give away and drink! Yes, the DfJ tour exposes the underbelly of the beast. And for those of you wondering, McCormack whisky is pure shit. They have to give it away cuz no one would buy it.

The St Romans volunteers are some good people. They also answered a question I was pondering, while drinking. See, at one point when I got a pitcher, I noticed the tip cup. It seemed odd that a church festival would have a tip cup. Who gets the tips? They volunteer their time, so why would they keep the money? It would make sense that the money should go to the church. I guess it depends on where you are at because most places allow you to keep up to half. Personally, I cannot see pouring beer and making a profit and a fundraiser. They already get to drink for free.

Brewers beat the Twinkies and go 4 games above the Kringle line! Summerfest is less than a week away. Summer is in full swing and I am lovin' it!

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