Monday, June 21, 2004

They are all in church. Yeah, right!

The Brewers managed to get 5 games above the kringle line before they dropped the final game against the Twinkies. They won the series. That is great, but it is funny as well. Fans are becoming frustrated because the Brewers failed for the fourth straight time to sweep a team. Wow! This is a great frustration. Who would have thought they would be in the position to sweep teams?!? And these are good ballclubs as well. Minnesota, Anaheim, and Houston. With Colorado coming to town, they have a chance to go to 7 games above the kringle line.
Yesterday I could have gone to the game. Jodi (Schmo) called at 10:30 and offered me tix. Good seats too. I was just about to go mow the law at my ma's place when I started working the phones. I call 5 people and get 5 messages. Where is everyone? It is not like they are in church right now! I give it time and do the lawn cutting hoping that someone gets back to me. Not until it is 1, then I hear back from one person. Looked to be a good game too. Brewers had some chances but couldn't capitalize. Still happy to be 4 games above 500 and watching a team that does not give up.

While drinking, and watching baseball, I heard one of the more bizarre things. Kim, the lovely wife of Pete, owner of PJs, a great bar run by great people (hey, I wonder if the schmoozing can get me free drinks?) told us of what she and her friends used to do to dogs when they were younger. I had mentioned that this pet store by me had signs out offering, get this, Canine Massage Therapy. You pay people to pet your dog? Anyway, Kim mentions how they would have fun petting dogs on their belly and pushing their, ahem, you know whats, out (or as Kim liked to put it, their weeeeeners!) She especially like to do it to Fritz the wiener dog (no pun intended). This sounded close to dog molestation! As we look at Kim like she has 3 eyes, she says to us, "What, you never did that? Everyone does that!" Pushing dogs penis'. Yeah, everyone does it. Maybe in Iowa! Pete, Dave & I still couldn't believe what he heard. Kim says it was innocent. Bizarre!

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