Sunday, June 13, 2004

Drinking for Jesus Tour 2004 continues...

The Drinking for Jesus Tour continued last night with a stop at Our Lady Queen of Peace. Checked out a new band, beer seemed cheap, good people watching and we had the soap opera of John going on in front of us.
First, the band. Rhythm Method. I have heard of these guys but had never seen them. I was told they play Night Ranger, so I had to catch them at some point. What I didn't expect from them, and no one really knew what to expect, was what they would play. They pulled songs out that you do not expect to hear. They opened with Kashmir. Strange, but they did it well. They played Badfinger. Who plays Badfinger live nowadays? Most interesting was doing Running with the Devil. At a church festival! But when they played some challenging songs such as Yes' Roundabout and Rush's Limelight, I knew it would be a good night. Crowd loved. They were good.
Interesting crowd. I liked the brother that had the fro. Had the pick sticking out as well. Groovy. There was the guy with the terry cloth outfit. Looked like he just got out of bed in his pajamas and decided to go out. There was Matrix boy. Kid is wearing a full length leather jacket with studs and loops on it. I was amused by the length of the jacket. Kid wasn't tall enough and he was dragging leather all over the place. I bet he had about 20 pounds of garbage that he scooped up underneath it. A big guy wearing the Miller Keg Security shirt. Nice. I didn't see this girl but someone said there was a girl that appeared to be about 14 wearing a shirt that said "I watch a lot of porn". Parents have to be proud of her.

And now for the serious side of this post. There is a disturbing trend that is being noticed on the DfJ. People need to learn that this is not a bar. Go get your beer and step away from the serving area. Do not stay there in front of the taps. It isn't a table. I don't need to try and maneuver around you to get a beer.

The DfJ continues next week at a church to be announced.

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