Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hopefully, it knocked some sense into her

You may have heard about this one. A lady was at a Boston Red Sox game and was hit in the melon by a foul ball. Of course, in the litigous society we live in, she sued the ball club. A judge through the case out basically saying that if she didn't know that foul balls could come her way and that she needed to pay attention, then she was pretty damn stupid. About freakin time! That is one thing that always pisses me off. People suing the deep pockets in our society because they want to get rich quick on the payday. This "fan" claimed that if they didn't pay her, it would reflect badly on the Red Sox cuz it shows how they treat their fans. As one guy pointed out, what happens if there are no foul balls hit into the stands? Would someone turn around and sue a baseball team because they didn't receive any free souvenirs?

Or this dipwad of a lady who sued a wireless phone company because she was hit by another car. That driver was talking on a cell phone. Our "victim" claimed that the wireless company should pay her because they know people will use their product while driving and that may cause accidents. Thankfully the judge told her NO!
Now as stupid as these people are, I would like to shoot the slimy lawyers who are bringing these cases to court. They figure they can file the suit, maybe settle and make some money. Hey a-hole, just go to the craps table like the rest of us.

And then there are the people that just don't realize that, hey, shit happens! Sometimes there is an accident. No one is to blame, or it is beyond their control. Why is it, that if someone gets hurt, they must find someone to pay for it. We have seen the stories about a kid who tragically drowns in his friend's pool. When I was growing up, it happened, it was sad, you went to the funeral and the kid's parents eventually got over it and had another kid. Nowadays, even before they put the body in the ground, they have sued the neighbor for wrongful death. WTF? How do you blame someone else for a tragedy? Maybe the parents need to watch their own kids? Nah, too easy. They want the easy way out. Two young girls drown while playing next to a river that is overflowing its banks. Now they want the city to put up a fence. Along a whole river!!! I am just waiting for the lawsuit against the city saying that there were unsafe conditions where these kids were playing.

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