Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Full tilt

Like many people nowadays, I have been caught up in the poker craze. I have been playing online for over a year and play in Vegas a couple of times when visiting (hopefully next month). I have hit the local joint a handful of times since if opened at the bingo hall. Interesting how many people were playing poker in the back of bars in Milwaukee!
Last night, I realized I have been on tilt for a couple of weeks. Bad beat after bad beat and suckout after suckout. My game has been hurt because of it. How does one pull out. Abstinence? That might be the answer. I can understand one player going all in to try and steal my blind. He had a pair of 7s and overbet with it. But he caught his 7 on the flop to beat my AK (I caught an A on the turn). But whenever someone calls an all in bet on a draw is always going to piss me off. One guy first called a big pre-flop bet (4 times the big blind) and then called an all in bet though he was getting only 2 times his money- bad pot odds on a flush draw. My pair of aces was taken down by J 2 clubs when he flopped two clubs and got the third on the turn. I know the majority of the time, I will take down the pot. But it will tick me off in when it happens. J 2 suited sucks. But I hope to play that person again. And I hope he plays his J 2 suited again.

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