Thursday, June 03, 2004

Should have paid attention in kindergarten

I went to the Milwaukee Admirals game last night. Saw them put a whooping on the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins (why isn't it Scranton Wiles-Barre?) Playoff hockey is great. Only in Milwaukee can you go to a hockey game and get 4th row seats behind the goal 30 minutes before game time. It was a good time except for the loud mouth guy in the second row.
Anyway, during the first break, I had a chance to win a trip to Vegas. As I walk down to the atrium, I wonder what will they do to embarass us. As it turned out, it would be musical chairs. Little did I know that my musical chairs skills, which have rusted over the last 30 years, would be needed at a hockey game. To say the least, I didn't win, but I didn't fall on my ass like this chick did.

On a different note, this past Sunday I went up to the bar to watch the Indy 500. Same people as usual for the event. We did the usual. Picked on the cheap fart and watched him pile his plate up with food. I will never understand that. There weren't many people there and he was still concerned about getting his FREE food. Next time, I take that damn chain and beat him senseless with the keys dangling from it.
Then there is the bar skank. I wish K & J would have followed through on their wishes. J wanted to slap her while K would have liked to bash her skull into the bar. Me, I wanted to vomit. We were joking with someone who hasn't had sex in over 25 years. Skanky says it has been awhile for her. I mutter I hope it has been 20 years only to hear he proudly claim it has been 6 weeks. YAAAAAAK! No one needs to hear this. I try to wonder what wildebeast would mount her. UGH! I am gonna puke again. I should have called her out on the spot and told her that 1) no one cares or wants to know that and 2) to call her the skank she is. If only K & J would have followed through on their wishes, I wouldn't have been hurling my guts out.

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